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Salome 540 Acre Farm

Located at the crossroads of Cox Ave and Monroe Street on the West side of the property. It is bordered on the East side by Hess Lane. 540 +/- Acres

Located 1.5 miles Southeast of the town of Salome, AZ, this farm has not been farmed commercially for several years. Since these years have been pesticide and chemical free, it is available to be registered as an organic farm if the buyer desires. This farm has has an extended growing period with the last cold […]

404 320 Acres – Double Adobe, AZ

East of Bisbee, West of Double Adobe, North of Double Adobe Road 320 +/- Acres

This property consists of 320 +/- acres of developable property. There are no utility services to this property. There is legal access to the property but no county maintained roads to the property. This property has developed ranchette parcels on both the east and south sides of the property.

326 Jefferson Road 60 Acre Farm

At this time there is no address associated with this property, it is approximately .5 miles west of HWY 191 on Jefferson Rd. the property is on the right side of the road (north side). 60 +/ - Acres

This small farm is within walking distance of the town of Elfrida to the east of the property. It was used in the past for growing corn, milo maze and different types of vegetables.

204 Hays Ranch – Ponderosa Pecans (Sale Pending)

10355 N White Fawn Rd, Elfrida, AZ 2,152+/- acres

This property is located in the Sulphur Springs Valley of Southeastern Arizona. This fertile agriculture valley has been in commercial farming production over the past 70 years.

This farm has been used in the past in row crop production combined with center pivot sprinklers (at this time there are no center pivot sprinklers on property), some of the neighboring farms have been planted to pecan trees over the past several years with trees ranging from new plantings to 30+ year old producing orchards.

85 San Pedro River Farm

E Old Pomerene Rd, Benson, Arizona 97+/- acres

The west boundary of this farm is bordered by the San Pedro River which has a seasonal flow of water. The farm has been used for the last several years for the production of silage for the local dairy.

79 Webb Road Farm

4314 W Webb Rd, Elfrida, AZ 150+/- acres

The farm is located in Cochise County, Arizona in the fertile Sulphur Springs Valley. The Valley has a long growing season of 200+ days per year. Crops typically grown in the area include, but are not limited to, corn (both grain and food quality products), cotton, potatoes, many different types of vegetables, grape vineyards, and pistachio and pecan orchards.

25 Pomerene Orchard Property

N Pomerene Rd, Benson, AZ 640 acres

The property consists of 6 contiguous parcels totaling 640 +/ – acres.

There are 90 acres of this farm property that have previously been tiered and leveled for crops. The remaining 550 acres have been prepared and rough leveled in preparation for planting this property to a pecan or pistachio nut orchard. The property is ideally located for use as tree property because of location, temperate weather conditions, quality water, availability of water, growing season, and soil conditions.